1986 was the beginning of our journey into clinical research, when a colleague asked the physicians with Physicians to Children and Adolescents, PSC in small town Bardstown, Kentucky, if they would be interested in offering the Haemophilus influenzae (Hib) vaccine to their patients. Of course they said yes, this was before FDA approval of Hib vaccine, when the disease was very scary and increasingly present in the pediatric population. This first clinical trial, led to many others and a very unexpected launch into the pharmaceutical clinical trial world.

In 1991, the physicians with PTCA decided to separate the growing research division of their private pediatric practice. A new corporation, Kentucky Pediatric Research, Inc. , allowed them to further explore clinical research as a separate entity, at which time they hired their first full time Study Coordinator, Marty Osbourn. By adding a full time Study Coordinator in 1991, the research within their office expanded quickly and very successfully, enabling them to grow, adding additional research staff to accommodate their increasing number of trials, but as importantly their abundance of qualifying patients and contribution of quality data. Within time, Kentucky Pediatric Research, Inc., began operating under the name of Kentucky Pediatric/ Adult Research (KPAR) and broadening their research into all age groups.

KPAR and their Investigators have achieved a distinguished reputation within the clinical research industry, and are known for impeccable quality and performance. KPAR has been referenced by many pharmaceutical sponsors as a “well oiled machine”. As a result of this success, Dr. Stan Block and Dr. Jim Hedrick (Principal Investigators) have participated in numerous advisory board panels, have been Lead Investigators, contributed to many publications as Lead Authors and Co-Authors and are considered Thought Leaders throughout the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Marty Osbourn, COO/ Research Director is an advisor for several pharmaceutical companies, assisting with protocol review, design, improving practices and site interfacing.

To date, KPAR has participated in approximately 530 Phase I-IV outpatient clinical trials in a wide range of indications. The most predominant indications are vaccine research and infectious disease (specifically Acute Otitis Media). KPAR contributed significantly to the discovery of resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae, and the development of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine. Witnessing the unfolding of pathogen resistance through our Otitis Media research which significantly contributed to the development of a new vaccine, is a true testament to the valuable effort of our physicians and staff . We are passionate about improving the lives of our patients, through important and necessary clinical trials while ensuring patient safety is our top priority. We reap the benefit of knowing that our patients not only are provided the opportunity to change the medical world by being a part of a clinical trial, but also in being able to advance medical care to our patients and to all patients across the world! This is why we consider our patients Medical Heros, they are truly making a difference.

Most recently, with the onset of the SARs-CoV-2 pandemic in 2019, KPAR has been on the front lines of COVID-19 vaccine research. Among the first 40 clinical research sites in the world to be selected for the Pfizer COVID-19 Phase I-III vaccine trial, beginning the Phase III portion of the trial in July, 2020 and continuing into Phase III, enrolling 374 patients >12 years of age. It has been an honor to contribute to this important, historical trial and be a part of the solution to the 2019 SARs-CoV-2 pandemic.