A Clinical trial is medical research in which participants (volunteers) receive treatments, usually investigational, under the supervision of a physician and other research professionals.  These treatments are developed by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who select qualified physicians to conduct clinical trials.  The information collected in a clinical trial is reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by regulatory agencies in other countries,  to determine if the treatment can be approved for use by the general public.

As a participant in a clinical trial, you are a part of a regulated, controlled process to evaluate approved and investigational drugs and treatments that may help lead to better treatments, cures for conditions you may have and prevention of diseases.  You may be one of the first people to reap the benefits of newly invented investigational drugs that are not yet available to the general public, and you will play an active, important role in furthering medical knowledge.

As a participant, a trial is free to you and you may even receive compensation for your time and travel.  No health insurance is required, all study related medical exams, laboratory tests and procedures are provided at no charge, and are not billed to your health insurance.

By enrolling in a clinical trial, participants contribute in the development of medical therapies that may make a difference in the care of future patients by providing information about the benefits and risks of new treatments or interventions related to the disease or condition being studied.  Participating in a clinical trial allows you to play an active role in your health care, while obtaining medical care and gaining access to research treatments not widely available.  In addition, a research participant  plays a key role in helping others by contributing to medical research.

There are risks involved in participating in clinical trials, however, patient safety is always our primary concern and top priority.  All clinical trials conducted at KPAR are reviewed by an independent Investigational Review Board (IRB) before the study begins.  The IRB’s primary responsibility is to assure that the trial is ethical and the risks involved are minimal and worth the potential benefits.  All details of the risks and benefits of a clinical trial are explained in the Informed Consent Form, which is required to be read and understood by all participants prior to beginning a clinical trial.

It is your right as a trial participant to have complete information regarding the clinical trial you are participating in.  The FDA requires complete and accurate disclosure, which is provided through an Informed Consent Form.  It is important that the Informed Consent Form is read thoroughly to enable you to make an informed decision about whether or not to participate.  After reading the Informed Consent Form, and before signing, the research staff will ensure that you understand the clinical trial and all of your questions are answered.  Once the Informed Consent Form is signed, you will be able to proceed with participation in the trial.

Participating in a clinical trial is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time from participation, for any reason.

During participation,  information will be taken concerning your age, date of birth, medical history, medications and any other preliminary questions required for the trial you are participating in.  You may also receive assessments such as a physical exam, laboratory tests, study procedures as necessary, as well as study medication.  All free of charge to you and your insurance.  During the course of the study, medical personnel will meet with you to monitor your progress.

Different clinical trials have different enrollment requirements.  Some trials require people who are healthy, with medication restrictions and for specific age groups.  Other trials may require participants who have existing medical conditions and/ or taking certain medications.

Please refer to our Current and Upcoming Trials link on our website for currently enrolling trials.  If you are contacted by a research staff member, you will be asked several questions about your current health.  If you meet the study requirements, we will schedule an appointment for you to be evaluated for potential participation.  If you do not qualify for a specific study, with your permission, we may contact you regarding future clinical trials.

Personal information provided to KPAR is kept strictly confidential.  It will not be sold and will only be used for the purpose required for the clinical trial you participate in.
We understand your time is valuable, so some type of compensation is usually provided for time and travel depending on the specific clinical trial you are participating in.